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Foreground: Close up view of a patient vitals monitor during surgery; Background: clincians visible in surgical PPE

Offering a first-person perspective of the often complex decision-making process of implementing a new technology in a health care system, the Hansen Fellowship will provide students with collaborative, hands-on training to prepare for the next generation of medical devices and patient care. 



A critical component to medical device development is determining the value a proposed solution will have in the market. As there are many stakeholders involved, including but not limited to hospitals, insurance companies, providers, and patients, determining whether a novel medical technology should be adapted in providing care is a complex process. This information, however, is critical for a hospital to determine whether a product is worth acquiring, and therefore critical for a medical device company to determine whether a product is worth developing. 


Due to the complicated nature of value analysis, the best way one can learn how the process works is by being involved in it. To this end, the Aiken Fellows will have the opportunity to learn, firsthand, how to improve clinical alignment and help the university attain the most economical products. 

The fellows will learn how to collaborate with physicians, hospital management, staff, vendors, and supply chain partners. The fellows will enable those discussions, provide accurate data and research, and offer a clear understanding of the issues at-hand. The fellows will gather information to achieve the right product for the right patient at the right time at the right price. 

To enable the fellows to have a holistic understanding of value analysis, they will each simultaneously be working with a local startup who is actively developing a new medical technology. With both experiences simultaneously, the fellows will gain a comprehensive skill set which will enable them to be a highly competitive applicant for high-skill jobs upon graduation. Aiken Fellows will receive a monthly stipend. 


Ideal candidates are detail-oriented, motivated students interested in understanding the inner-workings of the health care ecosystem.

All open positions for the Hansen Fellowship have been fulfilled, and applications are currently not being accept. If you are interested in apply for next year's fellow ship (2022-2023 academic year), please contact:

Justin Brunson

Associate Director, Center for Medical Innovation