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Effective Research Mentoring is Essential for Student Success

Faculty play a critical role in promoting the success of their trainees, as well as demonstrating how to conduct responsible and rigorous research. Characteristics of a strong mentor include:

  • Receive training in effective, evidence-informed teaching and mentoring practices;
  • Promote the use of the highest standards of practice to ensure the safety of all individuals in the research environment;
  • Cooperate, interact, and collaborate (which can include joint sponsorship of trainee research);
  • Promote the development of trainee skills in approaches to rigorous experimental design, methods of data collection, data analysis and interpretation, and reporting;
  • Provide opportunities for trainees to initiate, conduct, interpret, and present rigorous, reproducible and responsible biomedical research with increasing self-direction;
  • Demonstrate a commitment to effective mentoring, and to promoting a safe, supportive, and scientific training environment for everyone.

Research Mentor Training

Research Mentor Training is an all day, process-based training sponsored by the Biomedical Research Education Office (BREO) in SVPHS designed to help research mentors maximize the effectiveness of their mentoring relationships. It does this by providing mentors with an intellectual framework for mentoring, an opportunity to experiment with various mentoring methods, and a forum in which to solve mentoring dilemmas with the help of their peers. Breakfast and Lunch will be served and coffee available throughout the day. 

The next training will be held on December 11th, 2024  9am-4:30pm.

Modules Include:

  • Maintaining Effective Commutation
  • Aligning Expectations
  • Assessing Understanding
  • Fostering Wellbeing & Work-Life Integration
  • Fostering Independence
  • Articulating Mentoring Philosophy and Plan

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Research Mentoring Certificate

The Office Research Education (REd) is offering a mentoring certificate and individual courses to increase the capacity of the University of Utah to provide high-quality research mentoring for both mentors and mentees. Join the research mentoring listserv to receive information and updates on research mentoring and mentor development opportunities on our campus.

This certificate can be achieved through a group cohort or individual courses. 

Learn More About the Certificate

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