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Steven Pronovost

Steve Pronovost

About Me

Originally from Connecticut, Steve received a BS in pathobiology and MS in biophysics from UConn. During various stints as a research specialist at the Sloan-Kettering Institute, Stanford University and the biotech industry, Steve worked on a plethora of projects ranging from cell signaling to growth factor discovery to antibody development. In 1999, he moved to the University of Utah to join the Mary Beckerle Lab. His many projects there centered on the role of integrin-binding complexes in cell adhesion and signaling. In 2016, Steve joined the Edgar Lab as lab manager and coordinated its move from Heidelberg to the University of Utah. In addition to his management role, Steve has spearheaded a ribosome profiling/riboseq project to examine the possible role of translational control in regulation of the cell cycle. Outside of the lab, Steve enjoys anything outdoors (climbing, trail running, mountain biking, etc), funky music and border collies.