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Saveez Saffarian

Saveez Saffarian, PhD

Faculty, Center for Cell and Genome Sciences; Associate Professor, Physics And Astronomy; Adjunct Associate Professor, School Of Biological Sciences

About Me

We are an experimental Virology and Biophysics lab. Our lab has identified a relationship between HIV budding and protease activation and we are focused on the molecular mechanisms which ensure the release of fully infectious HIV virions. Our lab has also identified a mechanism for redistribution of Vesicular Stomatitis Virus polymerases along with its genome template. VSV is a prototype negative single-stranded RNA virus and shares many of its genetic mechanisms with more potent human pathogens including Ebola and Measles. While our lab is not directly focused on developing antivirals, we hope that our efforts will shed light on underlying mechanisms used by lentiviruses and negative-strand RNA viruses.

3i Bridge/Pillar: Host-Microbe Interactions

Keywords: viruses, imaging, HIV, microscopy