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Jeannette Signala

Jeanette Ducut-Sigala

Academic Office Information


About Me

Jeanette Ducut-Sigala, PhD, is the diversity and inclusion manager for health sciences training programs. Jeanette is a multifaceted research scientist. With a history of successfully amplifying diversity recruitment and inclusion initiatives in academia, she has joined the SVPHS Research Unit to bring her expertise in making diversity, equity, and inclusion and central part of the research mission.

Having immigrated to this country at a very young age, Jeanette grew up in culturally and socioeconomic diverse Southern California. She graduated with her Bachelor’s in Science degree in Molecular Biology from California State University, Northridge, after which she worked in biotech. She received her Ph.D. from the University of California, San Diego, then worked as a post-doctoral fellow at Stanford University developing zebrafish embryos as a potential research model system for medulloblastoma cancer of the brain. It is Jeanette’s passion to foster and support the potential and success of the next generation of innovative scientists and scientific leaders in an environment and culture where diversity and universal inclusion is the default and not the exception.