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Emily Williams

Emily Williams

About Me

Emily Williams joined the Edgar Lab as a technician in April of 2023 with a multidisciplinary background in fly genetics, ecdysone signaling, and cancer biology. After graduating from Mount Holyoke College with a BA in biological sciences and a minor in gender studies, she enjoyed an internship studying proliferative metabolism in neuroblastoma at the Pioneer Valley Life Sciences Institute in her home state of Massachusetts. Today, she employs her interdisciplinary background in a variety of projects investigating colorectal cancer and stem cell proliferation in fly and human tissues. 

Initially, she used her undergraduate experience in Drosophila ecdysone signaling to assist Dr. Peng Zhang in investigating the genetic cascades necessary for damage response via stem cell turnover in fly gut. Recently, she has added several other projects to her roster, including the use of 3D human PDxO models of colorectal cancer to perform cancer treatment assays, as well as honing her skills in laser confocal and fluorescent microscopy across a variety of applications.

When she’s not in the lab, Emily enjoys volunteering on the Utah Women’s State Legislative Council, and unwinds with rock climbing, hiking, reading, and painting.