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Mountain West Microbiome Alliance Resources at Participating Institutions

University of Utah MAGIC

The microbiota impacts all aspects of human health, including the immune system, metabolism, and neurological health. Microbiome research is an area of exponential growth. Discovery efforts on the microbiome have the potential to reshape treatment paradigms in human disease. MAGIC aims to catalyze discoveries in this area to realize this vision.

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Anschutz Center for Microbiome Excellence

The Lozupone Lab provides services for 16S ribosomal RNA (rRNA) targeted sequencing, data analysis and anaerobic culture through the affiliated Anschutz Center for Microbiome Excellence (ACME).

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Anschutz Mass Spectrometry Facility

​​The School of Pharmacy Mass Spectrometry Facility was established in 2007 to centralize and organize the mass spectrometry instrumentation and proteomics capabilities. Since then, the facility has expanded again, with the arrival of the Reisdorph Lab in 2015. The facility now boasts over 13 mass spectrometers with capabilities spanning proteomics, metabolomics, small molecule analysis, and beyond.

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Center for Mucosal Immunology and Rheumatic Disease Pathogenesis (CMIR)

Supported by funding from the National Institute for Arthritis, Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases (NIAMS), the University of Colorado Center for Mucosal Immunology and Rheumatic Disease Pathogenesis (CMIR) focuses on understanding the contributions of and inter-relations between the mucosal and systemic immune systems in the context of human rheumatic and autoimmune disease development.

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