Policies and Cost

Operations and cost recovery policies for the GBA are defined by an eight-member FAC, five of which are Cancer Center members. It is chaired by Dr. Bradley Cairns, senior director of Basic Science at HCI and chair of the Department of Oncological Sciences.

Services are available to all U of U researchers at the same cost, with no preference in queue priority or pricing. This is a policy of all shared resources at the U of U, whether managed by HCI or by the university.

The bioinformatics services are subject to an hourly recharge for time dedicated to investigator projects. The recharge fees recover ~25% of the Core’s operating budget. As such, services are substantially subsidized for University of Utah investigators.

For projects requiring more than 40 hours of work, investigators are strongly encouraged to include particular members of the shared resource on their grants and pay for their time as a percent effort. Aside from an initial one hour per new project consultation, all bioinformatic core services (scheduled meetings, tutorials, data processing, analysis, grant support, manuscript preparation, email correspondence, etc.) will be charged as follows:

University of Utah Investigators:

  • $40/hour for the first 20 hours of services per month
  • $60/hour for each additional hour of services per month

 Please complete a work authorization form and email it to Amy Beecher. Work cannot begin without a WAF.

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