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Must use campus WiFi or VPN to access

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Must use campus WiFi or VPN to access

Data Storage Policies

Data generated by the High-Throughput Genomics and Cancer Bioinformatics Shared Resources will be stored locally and made accessible through the GNomEx LIMS for a period of six months. If a  group has registered Amazon Web Services (AWS) accounts with CORE Browser, the expiring datasets will be uploaded into their AWS accounts. Compressed fastq from GNomEx Experiment requests is immediately uploaded to enable cloud analysis. Research groups without CORE Browser accounts are wholly responsible for transferring their data externally before it is deleted. Email notifications are automatically sent to the owner of the GNomEx project and the Principal Investigator one week prior to removal. That said, email notifications often go unread so non CORE Browser users should promptly move their data off GNomEx.  Illumina run folders are archived to tape and stored for five years.  Retrieving and regenerating fastq files from archived run folders takes weeks and costs a minimum of $1000 per run.


GNomEx is a laboratory management system developed and maintained by the Research Informatics Shared Resource (RISR).  It is utilized by both the High Throughput Genomics and Cancer Bioinformatics Shared Resources. Experiment requests for a variety of Illumina sequencing experiments are made utilizing GNomEx, e.g. RNASeq, ChIPSeq, WGS, etc.  The CBI processes the Illumina run folders containing the Experiment data and distributes the fastq to each Requestor.  The CBI also creates Analysis in GNomEx when performing work for clients and links this to the associated Experiments.   These data are held in GNomEx for six months and then moved to CORE Browser accounts on AWS.

CORE Browser

CORE Browser is also developed and maintained by RISR.  It provides simplified access to the S3 data storage service on AWS. CORE Browser is integrated with the University of Utah's SSO authentication system, it sits behind the UU firewall, and supports pass through AWS pricing with no markup.  CORE Browser AWS accounts can also be accessed using temporary credentials provided by CORE Browser with many AWS S3 compatible application including  command line utilities like the AWS CLI, the CBI's AwsApps and other S3 browsers like Cyberduck and Transmit. Be sure the AWS third party app you decide to use is well vetted and trusted. It will have the ability to do everything you can do on AWS.  

Administrator Access to AWS Accounts

UU Faculty may request permanent administrator level access to AWS accounts managed by the CBI and RISR. Please complete this liability acknowledgment form and submit it with a CBI Help Request.