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Launch GNomEx

Launch CORE Browser

Must use campus WiFi or VPN to access

Launch cBioPortal

Must use campus WiFi or VPN to access

Your help request is central to our core. It is critical and we do not want it to get lost. We also want it to be answered as soon as possible. Submit a Help Request or click Request Help in the right-hand buttons to get started.

This will:

  1. Register you in the HCI Jira Service System.
  2. Put your request into the Help Request queue. These are taken on a first-come-first-serve model.
  3. Enable the next available analyst to be able to see and respond to your request.
  4. Prevent your request from becoming lost in an email inbox.
  5. Centralize all of the comments for your particular request in one place.

To see all of your current and past Requests, click HCI Jira Requests

So please, submit a “Help Request” ticket for every request no matter how trivial and use the “Comment on this request…” function to send the assigned analyst a message as needed.

While waiting for a response, read our Core Policy Page and submit a Work Authorization Form. No work can be performed until a WAF has been received.