Laser Microdissection

The molecular diagnostics section of the BMP Shared Resource offers laser microdissection services on the ZEISS PALM MicroBeam Platform for contact-free and uncontaminated specimen isolation and collection.


Laser Catapult Microdissection (LCM) Sample Isolation

PALM MicroBeam uses a focused laser beam to cut out and isolate your selected specimen without contact.
The laser pulse of the PALM MicroBeam only interacts with your specimen for approximately one nanosecond, resulting in minimal heat transfer to adjacent tissue and ensuring gentle isolation and reduced damage to cellular material.


PALM MicroBeam is suitable for laser microdissection and DNA, RNA and protein isolation from archived material (FFPE or frozen tissue). Biochemically inert, membrane-coated slides (PEN Slides) are cut with the sample and act as a stabilizing support during the catapult process.

LCM can also be performed on standard glass slides, from previously cut material, with ZEISS-patented sample capture technology. Please contact the core to discuss any projects you would like to run. We can assist in experiment design and planning.

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ZEISS PALM MicroBeam system

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