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Mid-Career Coaching (MCC) Program

The Mid-Career Coaching Program provides coaching to University of Utah Health mid-career faculty to facilitate professional growth, career reinvention, and access to leadership roles. After an early career focus on developing professional identity, establishing a brand, and getting promoted, mid-career faculty often find themselves asking, “What is my legacy?” and “What’s next?”  How can they refresh their work to sustain interest and enthusiasm? What leadership opportunities should they explore and what is required to get there? The MCC Program is open to SOM faculty members at the rank of associate professor or professor, who have been the faculty for 7-15 years and are interested in pursuing leadership roles or exploring a new direction. The program has three components: Senior Leadership Coaching, Peer Coaching, and Leadership Interviews. The Program pairs a senior faculty member in a coaching capacity with a mid-career faculty member to complete a systematic process of assessment and career planning over a three- to four-month period.

Participants in the program will focus on “Three Conversations” through reflection, decision, and action:

  • Who am I and who do I want to be?
  • Where do I want to go?
  • How do I get there? What is the next step?

Program Goals

The program goals are to increase participants’ clarity on professional direction, provide opportunities to build social capital, and build a community within the coaching cohort.



Objectives of the Coaching Program

Mid-career faculty who complete the program will:

  • Develop clarity about career direction through reflection, exploration, decision, and action
  • Build institutional knowledge and social capital through leadership interviews and peer coaching, which will facilitate connection with career opportunities and sponsorship
  • Connect with organizational peers and develop professional networking ability

Senior leader coaches who complete the program will:

  • Hone coaching skills and gain experience as a coach
  • Develop their leadership skills through the coaching process

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