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Compliance Services

University of Utah Health is committed to operating in compliance with legal requirements. The Compliance Services unit supports the University of Utah Health by educating the health community about our compliance obligations, advising on the development and evolution of workflows and procedures to ensure compliance obligations are appropriately considered, and auditing to identify opportunities for improvement.

Compliance Services is organized into two core teams:

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance assists with institutional efforts to meet billing requirements of government health care programs and research sponsors. Regulatory Compliance provides training and education on coding and coverage analysis requirements applicable to the generation and submission of claims for clinical items or services. Regulatory Compliance monitors clinical billing activity through auditing and trend analysis in an effort to identify issues that may be a compliance risk. Regulatory Compliance also oversees responses to all external audits involving clinical billing to government health care programs.

In addition to standard clinical billing, Regulatory Compliance has a team dedicated to advising on the unique billing requirements related to clinical services performed for research purposes, and the billing of those services to research sponsors and healthcare programs.

Information Privacy

The Information Privacy team oversees and assists with institutional efforts to meet privacy expectations imposed by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). The Information Privacy team provides training and education to the health sciences community, develops the Notice of Privacy Practices, responds to privacy concerns raised by patients or others, and oversees internal monitoring and auditing activities designed to ensure our workforce is accessing protected health information appropriately. Additionally, the Information Privacy team responds to inquiries and investigations pursued by the Office of Civil Rights within the federal Department of Health and Human Services.


For U of U Health employees, find information and resources on the intranet:

Contact Information

Regulatory Compliance Office
Phone: 801-213-3948
Fax: 801-585-3608

Information Privacy
Phone: 801-587-9241
Fax: 801-585-3608