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Bench to Bedside 2022-2023 Events Schedule

Info Sessions

The Bench to Bedside competition launches the program with a series of informational sessions for interested students around the state of Utah. These sessions provide information on the six-month program and highlights the extensive opportunities and resources Bench to Bedside offers students. Each presentations concludes with a Q&A session with B2B Student Leadership team members.

Launch & Team Building

Join us for our first group event of the year, our Launch & Team Building social! Learn why the most successful teams are built with a diversity of backgrounds and skillsets, and then get to meet fellow student innovators looking for teammates. 

Reverse Pitch

A unique event at the core of the Bench to Bedside program, our Reverse Pitch Event gives students a chance to meet directly from health care providers and learn about the pain points they face in their day-to-day roles, and identify the opportunities for innovation.

Customer Discovery

Our first training lecture for student teams, the Customer Discovery workshop covers the basic process of how to identify who is truly the customer of a product, and what steps should be taken to understand their viewpoints.

Competitive Landscape and Patent Search

Understanding the competitive landscape for a product and the fundamentals of the patent searches can be critical to early stage design choices and project direction. Attendees are encouraged to bring a laptop to this workshop to participate in an interactive exercise.