B2B Milestone Funding Overview


Congratulations on winning an award in the Bench to Bedside Competition!

The hard work you have put into your projects has been rewarded by our community of judges, and we are excited to see the continued growth of your project.

To access funds, teams need to take these steps

1. Form a company (e.g. LLC) with your team members

2. Register your company with CMI (submit W-9 and EIN).

Link to register your company
>> B2B Company Registration <<

3. Once registered, teams will need to submit an itemized list of planned expenditures, which includes a statement approving funding request signed by all team members. 

Link to submit your Award Funding and planned expenditure
>> B2B Awards Funding Release Request <<


Deadlines to submit award funding requests:

For funds awarded during the 2021-2022 compeittion, the deadline to submit a funding release request is March 31, 2023

If you have any questions, please contact us directly at cmi@utah.edu