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B2B 2021 Stamp Bench to Bedside

Improved Surgical Mesh Insertion Tool for Laparoscopic Surgery

Team: Winbock Medical

Winbock Medical has developed a device which works with common laparoscopic tools already in-use allowing surgeons to more efficiently insert and guide surgical mesh through an incision and be easily removed from the port, minimizing the procedure time. 

B2B 2021 Legacy Team Grand Prize Stamp

Peripheral Neuropathy Measurement Device

Title: Team Neurosense

Peripheral neuropathy (numbness or tingling of the fingers and toes) can be difficult to measure for each patient, and vary in the accuracy of results. Team Neurosense has developed a device which pairs with a mobile application to measure sensitivity for each patient, regardless of clinic or at-home setting.

B2B 2021 Stamp Bench to Bedside

Nutrition Focused Restaurant Recommendation Mobile Application

Title: Team Smart 2 Eat

Designed to provide recommendations on restaurants and menu items, the Smart2Eat mobile applications provides individuals trying to mange their diabetes, cardiovascular disease or obesity, nutritionally-sound choices from registered dieticians based on their personal condition and preferences.

B2B 2021 Best in Medicine Stamp

Newborn Infant Transporter

Title: Team NeoSafe

With students from the University of Utah’s Biomedical Engineering Program, Team NeoSafe developed an improved enclosure for premature and newborn infants, designed to reduce the risk of traumatic brain injury due to loud noises or vibrations which may occur during transport.

B2B 2021 Best in Engineering Stamp

Noninvasive Endoscopy Elbow

Title: Team Aether Elbow

Team Aether Elbow designed a device which integrates with current equipment to ensure proper airflow to patients during endoscopic procedures, reducing the risk of low oxygen flow and improving the likelihood of a successful endoscopy.

B2B 2021 Best in Digital Health Stamp

Hospital Billing Code Transparency App

Title: Team OkWellThen

Team OkWellThen is building an online platform to better understand hospital billing codes and provide transparency to patients on the costs of procedures.

B2B 2021 Best in Business Stamp

Patient Restraint for Intraosseous Procedure

Title: Team S-Band

Team S-Band developed a secure and affordable method of positioning a patient’s arm during high-precision intraosseous procedures.

B2B 2021 Grand Prize Stamp

Small Portable Inhaler for Asthmatics

Title: Team uAir

The uAir team developed its device to give asthmatics a smaller, more portable inhaler, making it more likely to be carried on a key chain or in a backpack and accessible when needed most.

B2B 2021 Grand Prize Runner-Up Stamp

Fog-free Surgical Mask

Title: Team Aether Masks

Team Aeather mask has developed a surgical mask which prevents the wearer’s glasses from fogging, a common issue among surgeons when in the operating room.

B2B 2021 Global Health Stamp

In-Surgery Lens cleaner for Laparoscopic Procedures

Title: Team LaparoVision

Team LaparoVision has developed a unique method of cleaning a laparoscopic camera lens during surgery, allowing surgeons to continue operating clearly and effectively without needing to remove their tools from the patient.

B2B 2021 Libraries Stamp

Neuroendovascular Catheter with Magnetic Control System

Title: Team MagCath

The MagCath is a neuroendovascular support catheter system with a ferromagnetic support catheter, and an adjustable magnetic collar.

B2B 2021 Stamp Bench to Bedside

Airway Obstruction Removal Device

Title: Team Breath of Life

Team Breath of Life has developed a portable, collapsable, one-handed mask to remove obstructions in a choking victim.

B2B 2021 Stamp Bench to Bedside

Ablation imaging software program

Title: Team ablaTEX

A software solution that can improve treatment outcomes of ablation procedures through enhanced visualization tools for treatment planning, monitoring, and evaluation.

B2B 2021 Stamp Bench to Bedside

Helmet Mounted Concussion Prevention Device

Title: Team Winter Sports Whiplash Prevention

An attachable concussion prevention device, aimed at providing riders with a safety solution as well as offering attractive features to a wide user base.

B2B 2021 Stamp Bench to Bedside

Multi-purpose Patient Gurney

Title: Team Trauma Gurney

A novel medical gurney designed for seamless mechanical horizontal patient transfer in different medical settings, including ER, ICU, and MRI

B2B 2021 Stamp Bench to Bedside

Mechanical Exoskeleton Suit for VR Therapy

Title: Team Virtual Swim

A suspended exoskeleton suit that can become rigid or apply torque to simulate virtual environments, enabling precise, repeatable movements for physical therapy and rehabilitation patients. 

B2B 2021 Stamp Bench to Bedside

AI Enabled Medical Imaging Software

Title: Team Sonador

Using the power of Artificial Intelligence, Sonador's application reviews medical imaging files and connects across multiple platforms to give clinicians more options for reviewing and diagnosing a patient.