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The Pedigree and Population Resource (PPR) provides access to a limited amount of data from the UPDB through a UPDB Limited Query Tool. This web-based query tool may be used by investigators for pre-research or preliminary studies. The query tool will return de-identified, summary results. These results may be used to provide preparatory information for research projects and grant applications, such as selecting a cohort of individuals for analysis. You do not need an IRB to use this query tool; however, results may not be published (without permission).

This tool is available to individuals associated with institutions of higher learning or non-profit health organizations who intend to conduct research. When you access the query tool, you will be requested to register and complete a data use agreement.

UPDB Limited was designed at the Huntsman Cancer Institute by the Pedigree Population Resource and the Research Informatics Resource.

Utah Population Database Limited Query Tool support is available at

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