Services and Fees

The Utah Population Database (UPDB) is used in biomedical and health research. Pedigree and Population Resource (PPR) personnel are available to consult about research design and use of the database. This facility operates a recharge center to partially offset the fixed expenses of UPDB.

Services with No Charge

(4 hour limit for all tasks combined)

  • Help with preliminary or pilot studies for a grant submission to determine if UPDB data can support the proposed research, includes generating sample size counts of target subjects
  • Provide estimates of charges needed for research budgets
  • Initial project discussion/meeting
  • RGE/IRB Assistance with the Navigator

Billable Services

  • Creation of custom de-identified data sets
  • Analysis to test for familial aggregation of disease and estimation of familial risks
  • Identification of high risk families
  • Construction of pedigree drawings of specified kindreds
  • Linkage of data sets provided by investigators to UPDB
  • Provision of follow-up information to ongoing studies
  • Consult about research design and use of the database and software
  • Technical report writing and manuscript preparation
  • Project meetings

Hourly Fees

  • $70 an hour - PPR programmer (staff) services to work on tasks listed above.
  • $120 an hour – Scientific (or Faculty) services which require more expertise than available by staff; including research design, statistical analysis, and paper/grant writing by a PhD level staff.

Annual Access Fee

Fees are assessed per calendar year per project at the first request for access to the UPDB in that year. If a researcher does not request data or updates in given year, there will be no access charge for that year. They may continue using the UPDB data that have been previously released to the investigator.

Access fees are billed per IRB approval, not per data request - we bill annually for any and all datasets that have been approved on the IRB. The researcher will have the next 12 months to obtain the data without an additional access fee.

The following fees are effective April 1, 2017.

  • Annual access fee $1750 per project
  • Data Use Fee Inpatient Discharge, Ambulatory Surgery and Emergency Department
    • $500/year for a single dataset
    • $800/year for two datasets
    • $1000/year for all three datasets
  • UUHSC and Intermountain EDW Master Linkage
    • $500/year for a single dataset
    • $800/year for both datasets

All Payers Claims Database $2000/year for single dataset

Contact Us

Utah Population Database Director
Karen Curtin, PhD, MStat

Utah Population Database Director, Research and Science
Diana Lane Reed, CCRP, Masters Certificate in Gerontology


HCI Senior Director Oversight
Tracy Onega, PhD, MS

Faculty Advisory Committee Chair
Jen Doherty, PhD, MS

Faculty Advisory Committee Members
Diana Brixner, PhD
Steven Guthery, MD
William Lowrance, MD, MPH
Barry Nangle, PhD
Andrew Post, MD, PhD
Erin Rothwell, PhD
Katharine Ullman, PhD
Michael Varner, MD