As a shared resource of Huntsman Cancer Institute, we are dedicated to the seamless integration of biorepository services. We support the highest quality research by enforcing rigors throughout all steps of specimen collection and processing. Protocols and quality assurance documentation are available upon request.

Specimen Receiving

Monday-Friday 8 am-5 pm

Blood Procurement Team Location

Phone: 801-587-9702
Room 3370, Huntsman Cancer Institute Research North, Bench 3W

Tissue Procurement Team Location

Phone: 801-587-4486
Room N3970, HCI Cancer Hospital

Office Staff Location

Phone: 801-587-4768
Room 3346, Huntsman Cancer Institute Research North

Please send all project or disbursement requests to

Contact Us

Biorepository Director
Chris Fillmore, PhD

Molecular Diagnostics Director
John O'Shea, PhD

Research Histology Director
Lindsey Fairbourn, BS


HCI Senior Director Oversight
Cornelia Ulrich, MS, PhD

Medical Director
Eric Snyder, MD, PhD

Faculty Advisory Committee Chairs
Philip Bernard, MD
Joshua Schiffman, MD

Faculty Advisory Committee Members
Randy Jensen, MD, PhD
Michael Deininger, MD, PhD
Charles Murtaugh, PhD
Howard Colman, MD, PhD