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Yelena P. Wu, PhD

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Lindsey Anderson

Lindsey Anderson, BS

Research Assistant/Analyst

Lindsey received her Bachelor of Science degree in strategic management with a minor in psychology from Brigham Young University in December of 2022. She joined Dr. Wu’s team in September 2023 as a research assistant for the SHINE study. 

Lindsey has experience researching the effects of circadian misalignment on obesogenic behaviors and the effects of stress and exercise on reward processing. She is passionate about health education and promotion, especially among adolescents and young adults. Lindsey plans to attend graduate school to study public health and nutrition.

Sarah DeSantis

Sarah DeSantis, MPH

Clinical Research Coordinator

Sarah received her Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics from UNC Greensboro in 2018 and then her Master of Public Health from UNC Chapel Hill in 2020, where her concentration was in nutrition. Her public health experience to this point has focused in community nutrition and food security, but she is passionate about anything and everything related to public health, especially rural health and health equity. She enjoys being on the implementation end of the research process where she can interact directly with the public and build relationships in the community.

Sarah joined the Wu Team in November 2021 as a health navigator for the SCALE-UP Counts study. Sarah has recently taken on the role of clinical research coordinator for the SHINE study and is very excited to work with Utah high schools on skin cancer prevention.

Sam Hancock

Sam Hancock, BS

Study Coordinator

Sam graduated from Brigham Young University in 2021 with a bachelor's degree in psychology and has been with the Wu Team as the FLARE study coordinator since May 2022. He came to the team with a passion for and prior experience with working with children and young adults and plans to matriculate into a developmental psychology PhD program after his tenure with the Wu Team.

Mardi Hepworth

Mardi Hepworth

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Mardi is a current student at the University of Utah majoring in parks, recreation, and tourism while minoring in chemistry. Mardi is also a medical assistant in the urogynecology department at the University of Utah Hospital and Intermountain Health. 

Mardi plans on going to medical school to become a doctor in women's health or oncology. She is very interested in patient care, the female reproductive system, and helping those with cancer. Mardi has enjoyed all the experience she has from her job in health care and looks forward to furthering her education.

McKenna Hyman

McKenna Hyman, BS

Health Educator

McKenna received her Bachelor of Science in Health Promotion from the University of West Florida in May 2020 and is currently working on a Master of Science in Public Health. Her previous experience has been working with disease prevention in vulnerable populations; she is passionate about health equity and preventative care. She will be working on school- and family-based melanoma prevention studies. Mckenna joined the Wu Team in December 2021 and has really enjoyed working with children and families on melanoma prevention behaviors.

Jacey Jones

Jacey Jones, BA

Study Coordinator

Jacey received her BA in English with an emphasis in secondary education from Southern Utah University in December 2019. She taught language arts in Utah for four years and earned her endorsement in teaching English as a second language. She joined the Wu Team in January 2023 and will be working on school-based melanoma prevention studies.

Leighann Kolp

Leighann Kolp, MPH

Program Manager

Leighann received her Master of Public Health from Northern Illinois University in December 2017. Her previous career experience includes working in hospital administration and as a public health administrator. She joined the Wu Team in September 2021 as a programs manager working primarily on the SCALE-UP Counts study.

Nathan Shen

Nathan Shen, MD

Clinical Research Fellow

Nathan Shen is a clinical melanoma research fellow at the Huntsman Cancer Center who recently completed his 3rd year of medical school at Central Michigan University College of Medicine. Nathan graduated undergraduate at the University of Michigan where he majored in biomolecular science and economics, and completed a minor at the Ross School of Business. Prior to medical school, he worked for two years as a supply chain and information technology analyst. Nathan’s prior research has focused on oncology, and he is currently interested in finding methods to reduce incidence of melanoma, and improve melanoma treatment outcomes.

Tammy Stump, PhD

Tammy Stump, PhD

Visiting Instructor

Dr. Stump is a social and health psychologist (PhD, University of Utah, 2016) whose research focuses on health promotion among populations with an elevated risk of cancer. She seeks to develop and test mobile health interventions that are guided by a nuanced understanding of the multiple factors that influence behavior, including the interplay among health behaviors (e.g., sun protection and outdoor physical activity). Dr. Stump’s research also applies implementation science models and methods to broaden the reach, sustainability, and overall impact of cancer prevention interventions. After spending five years as a researcher at Northwestern University, Dr. Stump recently returned to Utah and joined Dr. Wu’s team in Fall 2021.

Will Tanguy

Will Tanguy, BS

Study Coordinator

Will graduated from the University of Utah Honors College with a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology with a minor in substance use disorder counseling. Will joined the Wu Team in August 2021 as a study coordinator assisting with all of the studies in the lab. Will is interested in how academic research can be utilized to benefit members of different marginalized communities. Will plans to attend graduate school to get his PhD in clinical psychology studying childhood trauma in adulthood as well as psychopathology in sexual minorities.

Kate Welch

Kate Welch, BS, CHES

Health Educator/Study Coordinator

Kate received her Bachelor of Science in Public Health with an emphasis in health education and promotion from Brigham Young University Idaho. The last few years of her professional experience she has focused on improving health equity and overcoming health disparities in vulnerable populations. Kate is passionate about empowering families and communities to improve their mental and physical health through better access to health services and education. She joined the Wu Team in November 2022 and enjoys working across multiple melanoma prevention studies.

Liberty Woodside, BS

Liberty Woodside, BS

Clinical Research Coordinator

Liberty received her Bachelor of Science in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from the University of Michigan in 2020. She has research experience in disease ecology, evolutionary trade-offs, and cancer research studying immune evasive mechanisms of tumor initiating stem cells. She cares about research on cancer prevention and treatment, women’s health, mental health, and environmental sustainability. Liberty joined the Wu Team in October 2022 as a clinical research coordinator for the RISE-UP study, and she is really excited to work with this awesome team.

Former Members

Name Former Title
Tara Austin, MPH Research Volunteer
Emily Ballard Research Assistant
Linda Barton, BS Research Volunteer
Hannah Brady, MPH, CHES Study Interventionist/Lead Health Educator
Elise Brunsgaard, MD Postdoc Research Associate
Heloisa Caputo, BS Research Volunteer
Michelle Chan Research Associate
Christy Chapman, BS Health Interventionist
Sam Christiansen Undergraduate Research Assistant
Bridgid Mariko Conn, PhD Research Assistant
Malynne Cottam Health Navigator/Educator
Johanna Coy Administrative Assistant
Braden Cunningham Research Assistant
Natalie Flores  
Rachel Forrest, BS Research Volunteer
Brynn Fowler, MPH Research Coordinator
Kylie Ginoza Research Assistant
Caroline Joung Undergraduate Research Assistant
Patsaporn Kanokvimankul, BPhar Research Volunteer
Marina Khan, MPA Research Assistant
Kade Kofford Research Assistant
Riley Lensink Research Volunteer
Jessica McPhail, MPH Research Assistant
Tim Michaelis Medical Student
Sanga Mohmand Research Assistant
Ryan Mooney, BS Research Assistant
Elizabeth Nagelhout, MPH Research Assistant
Katy Nottingham, BS Research Analyst
Ali Palmer, BS Research Assistant
Bridget Parsons, MSPH Clinical Research Coordinator
Ayesha Patil, BS Research Assistant
Mackenzie Perkett Study Navigator
Ryan Ring Administrative Assistant
Andrea Rivero  
Mahasen Samhouri Research Assistant
Brantley Scott Research Coordinator
Nic Siniscalchi Clinical Research Coordinator
Cameron Smelcer Research Assistant
Heather Smith  
Mack Tempero Research Assistant
Monique Tulley-Bahe Research Intern
Andrew Wilson, MSTAT, PhD Candidate Graduate Student
Kelsey Zaugg, BS Research Volunteer
Angela Zhu Research Assistant