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Current Members

Matthew L. Goodwin

Matthew L. Goodwin

Orthopaedics Resident Scientist

Distance running in college sparked an interest in lactate physiology that Goodwin has been chasing ever since.  After a PhD in lactate and oxidative metabolism with L. Bruce Gladden at Auburn University in Alabama, Goodwin matriculated at Cornell University in New York City for his medical education.  Currently a resident in orthopaedic surgery with plans to pursue fellowship in musculoskeletal oncology, his primary interest is in tumor metabolism and how tumors interact with their microenvironment in vivo.  In the Jones lab, Matt investigates lactate’s role in attenuating or potentiating sarcomagenesis and how this might be targeted clinically.

Sharu Kannan is originally from India but has lived in Utah for 10 years. She is pursuing a bachelors degree in Honors Biology with minors in Psychology and Chemistry at the UofU. She is also doing a pre-medicine track at the U and aspires to become a doctor. She is working on her honors thesis project at the Jones Lab investigating the role of Autophagy in alveolar soft parts sarcoma and clear cell sarcoma. She enjoys hiking, acrylic painting and singing! 

Ben is a PhD candidate interested in how the EWS-ATF1 oncoprotein drives clear cell sarcoma (CCS). Ben graduated from the University of Maryland in 2015 and did research internships with Leslie Biesecker and Javed Khan at the NIH. Then, he studied leukemia for 2 years with Timothy Ley and David Spencer at Washington University in St Louis. Ben enjoys hiking, racquetball, chess, craft beer, and playing with his dog Toby.

Originally from Houston, Jared came to Utah to study the sciences and for the research opportunities here. He is majoring in Biology with an emphasis in Cellular and Molecular Biology. He was a recipient of the Alex's Lemonade Stand Pediatric Oncology POST Grant in 2016.

Kyllie Smith-Fry

Kyllie Smith-Fry

Assistant Animal Technician

An experienced veterinary technician, Kyllie sought out work with in the Jones Lab after discovering a high-risk cancer gene mutation in her own family. Now under the capacity of a Laboratory Animal Technician, Kyllie ensures pharmaceutical treatment trials, tissue collection and imaging are carried out with the utmost precision and consideration. Her work in the Jones lab focuses on providing the highest standard of care and compassion for the many valuable animal models, while ensuring accuracy and efficiency throughout the research process.

Asia was born in Salt Lake City, Utah and is attending the University of Utah. Asia is an undergraduate studying biology and is working towards medical school. In her spare time, she enjoys playing the guitar, reading, hiking, and swimming. Asia is currently investigating the role of Bcl2 in synovial sarcomagenesis using mouse models.

Yanliang Wang

Yanliang Wang

Post Doctoral Fellow

After dental and medical doctorate training at the Fourth Military Medical University of China, in Xi’an City, and post-doctoral work at Sichuan University and Loyola, Dr. Wang worked as an oral surgeon in the dental hospital of Wenzhou Medical University (WZMU), located on the southeastern coast of China coastline. Performing many oncologic as well as cleft lip and palate operations, Yanliang rose to become the director of the oral surgery department at WZMU. Having recently joined the Jones Lab as a post-doctoral fellow for a year away from oral surgery to pursue his interest in cancer research, Dr. Wang studies the genetics of osteosarcomagenesis using transposon-mediated forward genetic screens.

Graduates of the Lab

Now in a tenure track faculty position at Idaho State University in the College of Pharmacy

Dr. Quist is now pursuing surgical training in Ophthalmology at the University of Iowa