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The Jones lab provides a cross-disciplinary training environment that includes molecular and cellular biology, genetics, and genomics. We can also connect trainees with clinical and translational research opportunities.

The team is fundamentally focused on conducting research that matters to patients and having fun in the process. The laboratory is well-equipped and housed in the Huntsman Cancer Institute among other basic and clinical investigators focused on sarcomas and other cancers affecting children and adolescents. Huntsman Cancer Institute and the University of Utah community more broadly provide a rich learning environment with expertise in all aspects of cancer biology. We are looking for focused, productive individuals with an interest in sarcoma-related research.

Students and Post-doctoral Fellows

We are always interested in welcoming motivated students and fellows to grow the lab and help in our pursuit of understanding and better treatment for victims of sarcoma. We accept graduate students through the Molecular Biology Program at the University of Utah. Please contact Kevin Jones directly with questions or send your CV to Diane Miller.


All available positions are listed through the University of Utah Human Resources Job website.