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The Gertz lab is looking for motivated experimental and/or computational scientists interested in applying genomics to the study of gene regulation in cancer. We are located in the beautiful Huntsman Cancer Institute, overlooking the Salt Lake Valley, on the University of Utah campus. The lab space is part of a larger open lab environment surrounded by groups with a core interest in gene regulation and epigenetics in cancer. Huntsman Cancer Institute and the Department of Oncological Sciences provide a number of opportunities to interact with a collaborative and diverse group of researchers. The Gertz lab has a broad range of interests and projects well suited for creative and engaged scientists.

Postdoctoral fellows
Please contact Jay Gertz by email and include a CV and cover letter describing your research interests.

Graduate students
The lab takes students through the Molecular Biology program at the University of Utah. Learn more about the program and how to apply.

All open positions are listed through the University of Utah's Human Resources website.

Principle Investigator

Jason Gertz, PhD
Principal Investigator

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