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Understanding Transcription Factors

The inappropriate expression of genes is a common defect across different types of cancer. Transcription factors (TF), which orchestrate gene expression patterns by interacting with specific loci throughout the genome, play a key role in the growth and development of tumors. Our research goal is to understand how transcription factors choose their genomic binding sites, how binding events lead to gene expression changes, and how the actions of transcription factors are altered in cancer.

To determine the roles that transcription factors play in gene regulation, we develop and apply experimental methods that take advantage of next-generation sequencing to create high-resolution maps of gene regulatory networks. We also utilize and create computational approaches to take full advantage of these rich genomic datasets.

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Letter of Hope from the Gertz Lab
Jun 11, 2018

Letter of Hope from the Gertz Lab

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It is patients like you, your loved ones, and Dr. Gertz's parents who keep us motivated and excited to find ways to help in the fight against this terrible disease. We appreciate everything you do as patients—like donating samples and participating in clinical trials—and we want you to know that we are doing everything we can to help patients with breast and uterine cancer.... Read More