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ColoCare Projects and Resource Sharing For Researchers

Welcome to the ColoCare Study Researchers Page!

The ColoCare Study data are available to be used as broadly as possible to advance scientific inquiry into colorectal cancer survivorship.

The ColoCare Study is a unique resource to understand colorectal cancer survivorship, with a wealth of multilevel data. We systematically collect clinical data, information on health behaviors, and biospecimens at repeat time points. We are fully committed to providing access to this resource to researchers, and welcome new collaborations and applications from external investigators.

The ColoCare Study is a prospective cohort study with active ongoing data collection, ongoing linkage to data resources, including medical records, and with continual outcome ascertainment. The study is continuously growing and data and biospecimen availability is increasing. To support new requests, we will create static datasets to share with requesters throughout data collection.

If you are interested in working with ColoCare Study data or biospecimens, these pages contains information about how to get started: