Primary Focus: How Cells Modulate Their Behavior

The primary focus of our laboratory's research is examining how cells modulate their behavior in response to both extrinsic and intrinsic signals. This process of signal integration has profound effects on cell migration, morphology, and function—behaviors that, when aberrant, can lead to cancer and other diseases.

Cell Migration Research

Ongoing Research Topics

Ongoing research topics include:

  • Mechanisms of cell migration and adhesion
  • Cells response to mechanical cues
  • Mechanism of tumor progression and metastasis

We take diverse approaches to study these questions, ranging from studies of individual cells in culture to genetic-based experiments in mouse models.

How This Research Helps You

The Beckerle lab studies how cells move. This information is used to learn how cancer spreads throughout the body, and how to prevent that from happening.


News & Blog

2019 State of Huntsman Cancer Institute Address
Jul 26, 2019

2019 State of Huntsman Cancer Institute Address

Huntsman Cancer Institute is celebrating its 20th year since it opened its first building, and has never been in better shape, according to CEO Mary Beckerle, PhD. Beckerle recently delivered her annual State of HCI address to faculty, physicians, staff, and students. ... Read More

Message from HCI's CEO
Feb 15, 2018

Message from HCI's CEO

The West is known for its "can-do" spirit, for the willingness of people to work together. At Huntsman Cancer Institute, we strive to push the boundaries of cancer research and care and attain results beyond what we thought was possible. We've made a commitment to advance cutting-edge cancer research and care in the Mountain West region. ... Read More

Statement on the Passing of Jon M. Huntsman, HCI Founder
Feb 02, 2018

Statement on the Passing of Jon M. Huntsman, HCI Founder

We are truly saddened at the passing of our remarkable founder and benefactor, Jon M. Huntsman, this afternoon. He passed away peacefully at home, surrounded by his loving family. Other than his family, his greatest passion was to eradicate cancer. We will honor his legacy by continuing to provide hope and healing to all impacted by this disease. ... Read More

Mary Beckerle
Mary Beckerle, PhD
CEO, Huntsman Cancer Institute at the University of Utah
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Reagent and Protocol Requests

To request reagents or protocols from the Beckerle Lab, please contact Chris Jensen.

Phone: 801-585-3872