Family History Records

More than 185,000 Utah families were identified from the archives at the Utah Family History Library, called the Genealogy File. This includes demographic and kinship information on at least three generations. For a family to be selected for the Utah Population Database (UPDB), at least one member had to have a vital event (birth, marriage, or death) on the Mormon Pioneer Trail or in Utah. These families have been linked across generations. These records are different from those available on the Web through FamilySearch or other publicly available genealogical databases and have been maintained as a resource only for biomedical researchers. The Genealogy File includes the following:

  • Migrants to Utah and their Utah descendants
  • Individuals born from the late 1700s to the mid-1900s
  • Birth and death information that occurs in any state or country
  • Linked multi-generation pedigrees
  • More genealogy relationships are constructed by PPR from other existing records

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