The Utah Population Database (UPDB) is a dynamic database and receives annual updates from contributors for Utah births, marriages, divorces, deaths, cancer records, and driver licenses, as well as from Idaho cancer records. There are over 31 million records in the UPDB and those records include names and other information for family members. For example, a birth certificate record includes the name of the child, mother, and father. Multiple records for an individual are matched and a “person-oriented record” created. There are almost 10 million unique individuals created from these records. The longitudinally linked data captures many events associated with an individual.

Records Available in UPDB

Family History Records 1,909,936
Ambulatory Surgery Utah (1996-2016) 6,290,436
Birth Certificates (1915-21, 1929-2016) 2,929,761
Cancer Data Registry of Idaho (1969-2015) 204,412
Cancer Registry of Utah (1966-2016) 362,844
Death Certificates (1904-2015)


Divorce Records Utah (1978-2010) 298,866
Driver License Utah 3,878,825
Fetal Deaths Utah (1978-2015) 10,529
Inpatient Hospital Claims Utah (1996-2016) 5,547,405
Marriage Certificates Utah (1978-2010) 689,133
Social Security Death Index (Nationwide) 581,372
U.S. Census of Utah – (1880-1940) 2,300,085
Voter Registration Utah 2,070,080
Total Records 27.94 million
Links to external medical record sets  
University of Utah Health Sciences Link 2,054,424
Intermountain Healthcare Links 4,302,801

Coverage of Data sets by year, last updated 06/08/2018


The Utah family histories represent pedigrees that may span as many as eleven generations. The majority of families living in Utah are represented in this database with a special emphasis on genealogy records of the pioneers of Utah and their Utah descendants. Merging data from genealogies and birth certificates allows information for new generations to be added and most families can be linked across five generations. For example, looking at all individuals born in Utah in 1950, 84 percent have grandparent information available in the UPDB and 67 percent have five or more previous generations documented in the UPDB.

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