In 2018 HCI, High-Throughput Genomics, and Bioinformatics Shared Resource licensed an enterprise-level account with Seven Bridges as a cloud-based bioinformatics provider. Seven Bridges offers secure storage solutions of bioinformatic files through Amazon Web Services (S3 for short-term storage and Glacier for long-term archival storage), cloud-computing through AWS using provided and custom workflows, and convenient access to public datasets. Seven Bridges is accessed through the web or programmatically, and all current University of Utah research labs that use GNomEx are invited to join.

As the transition to using Seven Briges occurs, users are invited to refer to our transition FAQ for more information. Labs who have not claimed or need access to their account should contact the Bioinformatics Shared Resource for assistance.

For users new to the Seven Bridges platform, refer to our usage FAQ for details on navigation. For online help, please refer to the Seven Bridges knowledge base.

Data Storage Policies

Part of the impetus for licensing the services of Seven Bridges is to share data storage costs of exponentially growing genomics data. Moving forward, data generated by the High-Throughput Genomics and Bioinformatics Shared Resource will be stored locally in GNomEx for six months, at which time data will be removed. Research labs must therefore store their own data, either through personal, departmental, or commercial facilities. Our recommended storage solution is through Seven Bridges, which provides numerous benefits beyond simply archival storage. The Bioinformatics Shared Resource will work with research labs and Seven Bridges to smoothly facilitate data storage.

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