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The Bioinformatics Analysis core provides many services, including processing raw data to primary findings, and, optionally, high-level analysis and figure preparation. See our Policies and Cost for more information on fees and how to complete the required Work Authorization Form.

Requests for Analysis

Investigators who wish to use the Bioinformatics Shared Resource should first read our Policies and Cost documentation and then submit a Help Request through the core's Jira Service Desk. If issues arise with the service desk, do email the core to troubleshoot the submission. After submission, you should receive an automated email acknowledgement and updates as your request is processed. Do periodically check the service desk for updates on it's status and to submit comments to the ticket.  It is a new system for us so let us know if something looks amiss.

Types of Analysis

We perform analyses of all the major classes of next generation sequencing applications, including ChIPSeq, MethylSeq, RNASeq, Single Cell, and Germline or Somatic Variant Identification.

Many of these primary analyses are performed on our computing hardware. After primary analysis, results are returned to the investigator as a GNomEx Analysis project. These include alignment files, processed files, preliminary results, and processing notes. Analysts can then work with each investigator to perform additional high-level analyses if desired; depending on the type of experiment, these could include pathway enrichment, set analysis, variant pathogenicity annotation, and comparisons with published datasets, including from, for example, SRA/GEO/dbGAP and cancer consortium (TCGA/ICGC Data Portal).