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The Cancer Biostatistics (CB) Shared Resource provides state-of-the-art biostatistics and research design support to laboratory, translational, clinical, and population sciences investigators at Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI). CB Shared Resource staff members also develop new statistical methods for use in cancer research. They also support cancer researchers by providing didactic and one-on-one mentoring to educate HCI investigators in principles of study design, development of analysis plans, and interpretation of data.

The CB Shared Resource pursues these objectives in close coordination with the Study Design and Biostatistics Center (SDBC), the biostatistics core of the University of Utah Health Sciences Center (UUHSC) and its National Institutes of Health (NIH) Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA)-supported Center for Clinical and Translational Science (CCTS). The CB Shared Resource is included as one of the five integrated cores within the CCTS Population Health Research Foundation for Discovery.


Staff of the CB Shared Resource retain a primary subject matter focus on cancer research and are located in the HCI building. They provide direct on-site access to HCI investigators throughout all stages of the research process:

  • Clarification of research hypotheses and study aims
  • Assistance in the selection of the most appropriate study designs and outcome measurements
  • Sample size/power calculations to evaluate tradeoffs among sample size, power and the minimum detectable treatment effects
  • Grant application writing
  • Assistance with evaluating existing surveys or developing your own
  • Advice regarding data collection methods
  • Conduct of statistical analysis on existing data sets
  • Guidance to clinical and translational researchers who wish to carry out their own statistical analyses
  • Advice on collection and analysis of qualitative data
  • Interpretation of results of data analyses
  • Collaboration in writing statistical aspects of manuscripts
  • When appropriate, facilitating contacts with other methodologists/researchers in the University community

As needed, the efforts of the CB Shared Resource will work in collaboration with other SDBC personnel—ensuring that HCI investigators have an extremely broad range of specialized expertise at their disposal—including biostatisticians, epidemiologists, health economists, psychometricians, survey design experts, qualitative research experts, and program evaluation experts.

The CB Shared Resource is co-directed by Kenneth Boucher, PhD (CCPS) and Benjamin Haaland, PhD (CCPS), and includes faculty and staff with specialized cancer research expertise. Dr. Boucher is an accomplished biostatistician and a Cancer Center member since 1996. Dr. Boucher works in close coordination with Dr. Haaland, who is focused on evidence-based medicine and design and analysis for large-scale and high-dimensional non-linear regression problems. The CB also works in close collaboration with Tom Greene, PhD, SDBC Co-Director, a senior biostatistician with 25 years of experience as lead statistician for multicenter clinical trials and other large-scale multidisciplinary research efforts.

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Cancer Biostatistics Co-Directors
Kenneth M. Boucher, PhD

Benjamin Haaland, PhD


HCI Senior Director Oversight
Kathleen Mooney, PhD, RN

Faculty Advisory Committee Chair
David Gaffney, MD, PhD

Faculty Advisory Committee Members
Anne Kirchhoff, PhD
David Lum, PhD
Benjamin Maughan, MD
Benjamin Spike, PhD
Katherine Varley, PhD