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Neli Ulrich, MS, PhD, Senior Director of Population Sciences, Division Head of Department of Population Health Sciences, Karen and Jon M. Huntsman Presidential Professor in Cancer Research
(801) 213-5716

Jessi Rhodes, Administrative Officer for the Ulrich Group
(801) 587-4285

Jennifer Ose, PhD, Research Assistant Professor
(801) 213-5762

Dominik Ose, DrPH and MPH, Instructor
(801) 213-6221

Andreana Holowatyj, PhD, Post-Doctoral Fellow
(801) 213-6202

Mikaela Larson, Total Cancer Care Program Manager
(801) 213-5795

Christy A. Warby, Lab Specialist and Ulrich Lab Manager
(801) 213-5756

Richard Viskochil, PhD
Tengda Lin, MPH, MA, Biostatistician II
(801) 213-6122
Caroline Himbert, PhD student and research assistant
(801) 587-4462
Bailee Rushton, Certified Clinical Research Coordinator

Elisa Santori, Study Coordinator, ColoCare
(801) 213-5772

Hanna Omar-Payne, TCC SUPPORT Study Coordinator
(801) 213-6166

Samantha Wise. MS, Total Cancer Care Clinical Research Coordinator
(801) 213-6115

Macy Barrios, Total Cancer Care Study Coordinator
(801) 213-6203

Natalie Dayton, Total Cancer Care Study Coordinator
(801) 213-6231

Marissa Grande, Research Assistant 

Research Study Contact Info

(801) 213-5784

(801) 213-6166

PEP Study
(801) 585-0238

Open Positions

Research Assistant Professor or Postdoctoral Research Associate. To learn more view the online posting description (PRN12645B) or view the posting ad PDF.

To learn more, view the position description to apply online or email