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Investigating Genetic & Lifestyle Factors Contributing to Cancer

The Ulrich Group investigates genetic and lifestyle factors in the formation and prognosis of cancer with focus on colorectal cancer. In addition Dr. Ulrich focuses on prevention strategies with NSAIDs, with pharmacogenetics, nutrition, exercise and cancer, as well as connections between obesity, adipose tissue, and the progress of cancer.

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Our Commitment to End Racism at Huntsman Cancer Institute
Jul 10, 2020

Our Commitment to End Racism at Huntsman Cancer Institute

At Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI), we are familiar with tackling major and complex challenges, like cancer. We will similarly dedicate ourselves to tackling racism. Meaningful action is long overdue. We fall short of our vision to deliver a cancer-free frontier if we do not succeed in our efforts to achieve equity, diversity, and inclusion.... Read More

Message from Neli Ulrich
Mar 01, 2020

Message from Neli Ulrich

Every day at Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI), members of our more than 200 cancer research teams enter the doors with a strong sense of responsibility to make a difference in the cancer challenges we face. They bring expertise from all over the world and are recognized for their exceptional collaboration.... Read More

Neli Ulrich, MS, PhD
Executive Director, Comprehensive Cancer Center, Principal Investigator
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