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The Tavtigian lab offers a multidisciplinary training environment that includes biochemistry, genetics, molecular biology, and genomics. The lab comprises scientists in several different stages in their career training: Research faculty, postdoctoral fellows, graduate students, lab manager/technicians, and undergraduates. The laboratory is exceptionally well equipped and is housed in the state-of-the-art Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI). HCI and the University of Utah community include a large number of labs interested in cancer susceptibility to cancer. We are looking for focused, highly motivated people who want to join our HCI research team.

Postdoctoral fellows

Please contact Sean directly at

Graduate Students

The lab admits graduate students through the Molecular Biology umbrella program administered by the University of Utah.


All open positions are listed through the University Human Resources Job Website. Please contact Sean directly at


We typically admit students through the BioURP program at the University of Utah.

Sean V. Tavtigian, PhD

Principal Investigator

Contact Us

Principal Investigator

Lab related:
Judith Rosenthal, Technician

For everything else, please contact:
Sean V. Tavtigian, PhD