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Selected Publications

Estrogen Signaling in Endometrial Cancer: a Key Oncogenic Pathway with Several Open Questions.
Rodriguez AC, Blanchard Z, Maurer KA, Gertz J.
Horm Cancer. 2019 Jun;10(2-3):51-63. doi: 10.1007/s12672-019-0358-9. Epub 2019 Feb 2.

Clinical and genomic crosstalk between glucocorticoid receptor and estrogen receptor α in endometrial cancer.
Vahrenkamp JM, Yang CH, Rodriguez AC, Almomen A, Berrett K, Trujillo AN, Guillen KP, Welm BE, Jarboe
EA, Janat-Amsbury MM, Gertz J (2018). Cell Reports. 22(11), 2995-3005.

GIGGLE: a search engine for large-scale integrated genome analysis.
Layer RM, Pedersen BS, DiSera T, Marth GT, Gertz J, Quinlan AR (2018).
Nat Methods, 15(2), 123-126.

Multiplex Enhancer Interference Reveals Collaborative Control of Gene Regulation by Estrogen Receptor alpha-Bound Enhancers.
Carleton JB, Berrett KC, Gertz J (2017).
LID - S2405-4712(17)30383-6 [pii]LID -10.1016/j.cels.2017.08.011 [doi]. (Epub ahead of print) Cell Systems.

Cooperative Dynamics of AR and ER Activity in Breast Cancer.
DAmato NC, Gordon MA, Babbs B, Spoelstra NS, Carson Butterfield KT, Torkko KC, Phan VT, Barton VN, Rogers TJ, Sartorius CA, Elias A, Gertz J, Jacobsen BM, Richer JK (2016).
Mol Cancer Res, 14(11), 1054-1067.

Promoter-distal RNA polymerase II binding discriminates active from inactive CCAAT/ enhancerbinding protein beta binding sites.
Savic D, Roberts BS, Carleton JB, Partridge EC, White MA, Cohen BA, Cooper GM, Gertz J, Myers RM
(2015). Genome Res, 25(12), 1791-800.

Distinct properties of cell-type-specific and shared transcription factor binding sites.
Gertz J, Savic D, Varley KE, Partridge EC, Safi A, Jain P, Cooper GM, Reddy TE, Crawford GE, Myers RM(2013).
Mol Cell, 52(1), 25-36.

Genistein and bisphenol A exposure cause estrogen receptor 1 to bind thousands of sites in a cell type-specific manner.
Gertz J, Reddy TE, Varley KE, Garabedian MJ, Myers RM (2012).
Genome Res, 22(11), 2153-62.

Analysis of DNA methylation in a three-generation family reveals widespread genetic influence on epigenetic regulation.
Gertz J, Varley KE, Reddy TE, Bowling KM, Pauli F, Parker SL, Kucera KS, Willard HF, Myers RM (2011).
PLoS Genet, 7(8), e1002228.

Analysis of combinatorial cis-regulation in synthetic and genomic promoters. 
Gertz J, Siggia ED, Cohen BA (2009).
Nature, 457(7226), 215-8.