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Current research projects include whole exome and whole genome massively parallel sequencing in a high-risk CLL, MM, and breast pedigrees; whole transcriptome sequencing in normal breast, breast tumors, CLL, and MM tumors; high-density genomewide SNP genotyping in CLL, MM, and controls; and apoptosis candidate pathway genotyping and sequencing in high-risk breast cancer and controls.

These projects often involve multi-disciplinary collaborations across campus in addition to joint research within large, collaborative consortia.

Enrollment Studies

We have three studies with active enrollment. The over-arching goal of each is to identify genetic factors involved in risk or prognosis: 

  1. Genetic epidemiology of chronic lymphocytic leukemia
  2. Genetic epidemiology of multiple myeloma
  3. Genetic epidemiology of breast cancer

Individuals who have been diagnosed with these cancers, or whose families contain these cancers, may be eligible to participate.

Individuals with no cancer are valuable as comparisons (controls), and also may be eligible.

Contact Justin Williams at 801-584-9305.