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Current Research

Recent Publications

Neoadjuvant–Adjuvant or Adjuvant-Only Pembrolizumab in Advanced Melanoma

Patel, S. P., Othus, M., Chen, Y., Wright, G. P., Yost, K. J., Hyngstrom, J. R., Hu-Lieskovan, S., Lao, C. D., Fecher, L. A., Truong, T.-G., Eisenstein, J. L., Chandra, S., Sosman, J. A., Kendra, K. L., Wu, R. C., Devoe, C. E., Deutsch, G. B., Hegde, A., Khalil, M., ... Ribas, A. (2023). Neoadjuvant–adjuvant or adjuvant-only pembrolizumab in advanced melanoma. New England Journal of Medicine, 388(9), 813–823.

Recent Clinical Trial Highlights

S1512 is a trial that evaluated monotherapy with pembrolizumab for patients with desmoplastic melanoma who had not received prior systemic therapy. From this trial, it was determined that observed pathologic response rates in this trial were much higher than expected. Twenty-seven patients with unresectable disease were enrolled in cohort B and received therapy every three weeks for two years, or until progression. Of those 27 patients, 24 had a clinical response to pembrolizumab.

Current Melanoma Disease Center Projects

  • A telehealth delivered sun protective intervention for new mothers and their babies
  • Characterization of the tumor immune contexture in primary melanoma, in transit, nodal, and distant metastasis
  • Identification of permissive or primed melanocytes in adult human and mouse
  • Enhancing oncolytic HRV utility in melanoma
  • Combined inhibition of NRAS.GTP plus PD-1 for the future treatment of NRAS driven melanoma
  • Novel BRAFV600E interacting partners as potential therapeutic targets for BRAF mutant melanoma
  • Defining the role of FAK in melanoma
  • Exploring the role of FAK in melanoma metastasis
  • Uncovering the role of FAK in the melanoma microenvironment
  • Investigating the interaction of CDKN2A loss and EDN1 signaling on the invasion of melanocytes

Melanoma Center Leaders

Douglas Grossman, PhD, MD

Professor, Department of Dermatology

Sheri L. Holmen, PhD

Professor, Department of Surgery