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Patient derived xenografts (PDX) are samples grafted directly from a patient into an immunodeficient mouse. Under these conditions, the tumor continues to grow and metastasize, allowing propagation of the human cancer.

The PRR maintains and distributes viable crypopreserved tumor tissue, organoids, and unstained FFPE tumor sections associated with all common subtypes of breast cancer. Publications have shown that the breast PDX models maintain similar molecular profiles to the parent tumor, meaning these tumor grafts create an excellent model to test new chemotherapies and drug delivery systems in a preclinical setting.

We can help you use these tumor models to test your small molecule, including implantation of tumor tissue, tumor growth monitoring, drug dosing, and necropsy.

For more information on these models, please see these publications:

External Institutes:

PDX = $750
PDxO = $500
Unstained tumors sections = $25

In addition to the characterized breast PDX model, we work closely with the BMP to collect and transplant other cancer types, including melanoma. If there is a specific cancer you would like collected, we can work to facilitate your requests.

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