Reducing Cancer Symptoms & Improving Caregiver Well-Being

Our group focuses our research in the areas of cancer control and behavioral science. Key to our efforts is to understand and reduce morbidity from cancer and treating related physical and psychosocial symptoms with an intent to improve patient reported outcomes (PROs).

We design IT enabled interventions to improve quality of life through development and testing remote monitoring and care management systems designed to reduce cancer patient symptoms and improve family caregiver well-being. Within this focus we propose and test strategies to improve oncology provider and cancer patient/family caregiver communication about physical and psychosocial symptoms, quality of life, and goals of care throughout the cancer continuum. Learn more about the Mooney Lab's research >>

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Apr 01, 2010

Mary Beckerle: Adhesion, Signaling And Cancer

Cell-substratum adhesion is mediated by integrins, a family of transmembrane, heterodimeric, extracellular matrix receptors that are concentrated at focal adhesions. Integin engagement influences a variety of signaling pathways and regulates cell behaviors including motility, proliferation, and survival.... Read More