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Selected Publications

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Johnson SB, King AJ, Warner EL, Aneja S, Kann BH, Bylund CL (2023). Using ChatGPT to evaluate cancer myths and misconceptions: artificial intelligence and cancer information. JNCI Cancer Speclr, 7(2).

Johnson SB, Bylund CL. Identifying Cancer Treatment Misinformation and Strategies to Mitigate Its Effects with Improved Radiation Oncologist-Patient Communication. (Epub ahead of print). Pract Radiat Oncol.

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Bylund CL, Mullis MD, Alpert J, Markham MJ, Onega T, Fisher CL, Johnson SB (2023). Clinician Communication with Patients About Cancer Misinformation: A Qualitative Study. (Epub ahead of print) JCO Oneal Pracl, OP2200526.

Fenlon JB, Hutten RJ, Johnson SB, Hu B, Shah H, Stephens DM, Maity A, Gaffney DK, Tao R (2022). Evaluating patterns of care for early-stage low-grade follicular lymphoma in the rituximab era. Leuk Lymphoma, 64(2), 1-8.

Peterson JS, Plana D, Bitterman DS, Johnson SB, Aerts HJWL, Kann BH (2022). Growth in eligibility criteria content and failure to accrue among National Cancer Institute (NCl)-affiliated clinical trials. (Epub ahead of print). Cancer Med.

Katherine L. Ford, Camila E. Orsso, Nicole Kiss, Skyler B. Johnson, Sarah A. Purcell, Adele Gagnon, Alessandro Laviano, Carla M. Prado. Dietary choices after a cancer diagnosis: A narrative review. Nutrition. (2022): V103-104, 111838.

Christopher R. Weil, Matthew J. Parsons, Ryan J. Hutten, Felicia H. Lew, Skyler B. Johnson, David K. Gaffney & Randa Tao (2022). Patterns of care and outcomes of early stage I–II Hodgkin lymphoma treated with or without radiation therapy, Leukemia & Lymphoma

E. L. Warner & Skyler B. Johnson (2022). Fellows Can Join the Fight Against Cancer Misinformation Online. Oncology Fellows, 14(2).

Ryan J. Hutten, Geoff Nelson, Vikren Sarkar, Skyler B. Johnson, Randa Tao, Ying Hitchcock, Jessica Chan, Joyce Schroeder, Kristine Kokeny. Feasibility and Clinical Utility of a Workflow Interfacing Radiation Oncology Lung Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy Treatment Planning and Diagnostic Radiology. Practical Radiation Oncology. 2022: V12(6), e512-e516.

Peterson J, Wilson T, Gruhl J, Davis S, Olsen J, Parsons M, Kann B, Fagerlin A, Watt M, Johnson S. Timing and Motivations for Alternative Cancer Therapy with Insights from a Crowdfunding Platform: Cross-sectional Mixed Methods Study. JMIR Cancer. 2022;8(2): e34183.

Zachary A. Seymour, Stephanie Daignault-Newton, P.W. McLaughlin, Howard Sandler, William Jackson, Skyler B. Johnson, David Miller, John Wei, Martin Sanda, Daniel A. Hamstra. Patient reported outcomes for quality of life (QOL) by Expanded Prostate Cancer Index (EPIC) on average 15 years post treatment. Clinical and Translational Radiation Oncology, 2022: V36: 56-62.

Christopher R. Weil, Ryan J. Hutten, Brandon M. Barney, Angela Fagerlin, David K. Gaffney, David Michael Gill, Gary Whipple, Terence Duane Rhodes, Laura Scherer, Gita Suneja, Jonathan David Tward, Theresa Louise Werner, Skyler B Johnson, and Jaden D. Evans. Shifting perceptions of alternative therapies in cancer patients during the COVID-19 pandemic: Results from the Complementary and Alternative Medicine Exposure in Oncology (CAMEO) Study. Journal of Clinical Oncology. (June 2022): 40:16_suppl, e24130-e24130.

Ryan J. Hutten, Christopher R. Weil, Brandon M. Barney, Angela Fagerlin, David K. Gaffney, David Michael Gill, Gary Whipple, Terence Duane Rhodes, Laura Scherer, Gita Suneja, Jonathan David Tward, Theresa Louise Werner, Jaden Evans, and Skyler B Johnson. Complementary and alternative medicine exposure in oncology (CAMEO) study: A multi-institutional cross-sectional analysis of patients receiving cancer treatment. Journal of Clinical Oncology. (2022): 40:16_suppl, e18739-e18739

Samantha Greenberg, Elizabeth Orlando, Morgan Devlin, Sara Low, Amanda Anson, Brock O Neil, Wendy Kohlmann, Bob Wong, Christopher B. Dechet, Alejandro Sanchez, Jonathan David Tward, Skyler B Johnson, Neeraj Agarwal, Manish Kohli, Sumati Gupta, Umang Swami, and Benjamin L. Maughan. Comparing pretest video genetic education for prostate cancer patients: Do patients need assistance?
Journal of Clinical Oncology. (2022): 40:16_suppl, 5061-5061

Skyler B Johnson. Cancer Misinformation: Its Impact on Patients and Mitigation Strategies. IASLC Lung Cancer News. (published online April 2022)

Skyler B. Johnson, Matthew Parsons, Tanya Dorff, et al. Información errónea y perjudicial sobre el cáncer en Facebook y otras redes sociales: Un breve informe. J Natl Cancer Inst. 22 Jul 2021;djab141. doi: 10.1093/jnci/djab141. PMID: 34291289. Traducido por Candela Sznajderman, publicado en Boletín Fármacos: Ética y Derecho 2022; 25(1).

Samantha Greenberg, Elizabeth Woelmer, Morgan Devlin, Sara Low, Amanda Anson, Wendy Kohlmann, Bob Wong, Brock O Neil, Christopher B. Dechet, Alejandro Sanchez, Jonathan David Tward, Skyler B Johnson, Neeraj Agarwal, Manish Kohli, Sumati Gupta, Umang Swami, and Benjamin L. Maughan. Impact of pretest video genetic education in prostate cancer patients: Do patients need us? Journal of Clinical Oncology. (2022): 40:6_suppl, 68-68.

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Skyler B Johnson, MD, Matthew Parsons, MD, Tanya Dorff, MD, Meena S Moran, MD, John H Ward, MD, Stacey A Cohen, MD, Wallace Ackerley, MD, Jessica Bauman, MD, Joleen Hubbard, MD, Daniel E Spratt, MD Carma L Bylund, PhD, Briony Swire-Thompson, PhD, Tracy Onega, PhD, Laura D Scherer, PhD, Jonathan Tward, MD, PhD, Angela Fagerlin, PhD (July 2021). Cancer Misinformation and Harmful Information on Facebook and Other Social Media: A Brief Report. Journal of the National Cancer Institute, djab141.

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Ryan J. Hutten, Matthew W. Parsons, Christopher R Weil, Jonathan D. Tward, Shane Lloyed, Alejandro Sanchez, Nataniel Lester-Coll, Skyler B. Johnson (available online May 2021). Temporal Trends and Predictors in Diagnosing Pathologic Node-Positive Prostate Cancer in Clinically Node-Negative Patients. Clinical Genitourinary Cancer.

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Matthew Parsons, MD, Shane Lloyd, MD, Skyler Johnson, MD, Courney Scaife, MD, Thomas Varghese, MD, MS, Robert Glasgow, MD, Ignacio Garrido-Laguna, MD, PhD & Randa Tao, MD (February 2021). Refusal of Local Therapy in Esophageal Cancer and Impact on Overall Survival. Annals of Surgical Oncology, 28, 663-675.

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