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The Doherty Lab studies the molecular and genomic pathoepidemiology of ovarian and lung cancers to impact prevention, early detection, and survival of these cancer types.

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Aug 19, 2020

Tumour gene test could help to predict ovarian cancer prognosis

A global team of medical researchers led by UNSW have developed a test that could help to predict survival for women diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and pave the way towards personalised treatment. Huntsman Cancer Institute’s Jennifer Doherty, PhD, served as a senior author on this study.... Read More

Nov 16, 2018

MEG Election Results

Congratulations to Jennifer A. Doherty, PhD, MEG Chairperson-elect 2019-2020 Our thanks to Jennifer A. Doherty, PhD, and Leah E. Mechanic, PhD, for standing for election, and to the MEG membership for participating in the election. We congratulate Dr. Doherty on her election as MEG chairperson-elect. Dr. Doherty will assume the office of chairperson-elect at the AACR Annual Meeting 2019, March 29-April 3, in Atlanta, Georgia.... Read More

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