Camp Lab Mascots

Hank, Luke Skywalker, and Buffy


This happy trio help Julie work from home. Hank, the newest addition to the family, loves sleeping until his evening walk. Luke knows exactly when a Zoom meeting starts and is always eager to say “hi” to the team. Buffy patiently guards the house so there are no interruptions during work.

Rosa, Mu, and Tizu


This snuggly trio support all Camp Lab Zoom meetings by howling loudly and generally trying to get attention. Their primary purpose is to train Nicki to use the mute button! When not training Nicki, they eat, sleep, and try to look as cute as possible to instigate cuddles!




The drawing features Pepper, a 10-pound schnauzer/poodle that followed Sandie’s daughter home from school one day. They adopted him and found he loved raw pasta, barked when visitors left, and ruled the family for 13 years. Whenever we traveled, he would come home from the kennel skinny, hoarse, and downright mad. When he died, my daughter painted this picture of him and we swore we would never again leave our pet in a kennel. Since then, we acquired another “Pepper” who is a constant companion.

Wet lab mascots


The Camp Lab has acquired many mascots over the years. A fairy oversees the wet lab and disburses magic fairy dust. A pair of dogs guard our box of deadly spiders. We even have a swoop of cranes that migrate through the lab. Most importantly, the Pizza Police will catch anyone who sings in the lab—and punishment is buying pizza the next Friday. (Students have never paid for pizza.) Lastly, it is a requirement to make a “lab” snowman on snow days.