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Selected Publications:

Cellular acidosis triggers human MondoA transcriptional activity by driving mitochondrial ATP production
Wilde BR, Ye Z, Lim T-Y, Ayer D.E. (2019) Cellular acidosis triggers human MondoA transcriptional activity by driving mitochondrial ATP production. eLife. 8. pii: e40199

Extracellular Matrix Remodeling Regulates Glucose Metabolism through TXNIP Destabilization
Sullivan WJ, Mullen PJ, Schmid EW, Flores A, Momcilovic M, Sharpley MS, Jelinek, D, Whiteley, AE, Maxwell, MB, Wilde, BR, Banerjee, U, Coller, HA, Shackelford, DB, Braas, D, Ayer, DE, de Aguiar Vallim, TQ, Lowry, WE, Christofk, H. (2018) Extracellular Matrix Remodeling Regulates Glucose Metabolism through TXNIP Destabilization. Cell. 175:117-32

Ras Suppresses TXNIP Expression by Restricting Ribosome Translocation
Ye Z, and Ayer, D.E. (2018) Ras Suppresses TXNIP Expression by Restricting Ribosome Translocation. Molecular and Cellular Biology. 38:e00178-18

Pan-cancer Alterations of the MYC Oncogene and Its Proximal Network across the Cancer Genome Atlas.
Schaub FX, Dhankani V, Berger AC, Trivedi M, Richardson AB, Shaw R, Zhao W, Zhang X, Ventura A, Liu Y, Ayer DE, Hurlin PJ, Cherniack AD, Eisenman RN, Bernard B, Grandori C (2018).
Cell Syst, 6(3) 282-300.e2

MondoA-Mlx transcriptional activity is limited by mTOR-MondoA interaction.
Kaadige MR, Yang J, Wilde BR, Ayer DE (2015).
Mol Cell Biol, 35(1), 101-10.

Deregulated Myc requires MondoA/Mlx for metabolic reprogramming and tumorigenesis.
Carroll PA, Diolaiti D, McFerrin L, Gu H, Djukovic D, Du J, Cheng PF, Anderson S, Ulrich M, Hurley JB, Raftery D, Ayer DE, Eisenman RN (2015).
Cancer Cell, 27(2), 271-85.

Metabolic reprogramming in triple-negative breast cancer through Myc suppression of TXNIP.
Shen L, OShea JM, Kaadige MR, Cunha S, Wilde BR, Cohen AL, Welm AL, Ayer DE (2015).
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 112(17), 5425-30.

Interactions between Myc and MondoA transcription factors in metabolism and tumourigenesis.
Wilde BR, Ayer DE (2015).
[Review]. Br J Cancer, 113(11), 1529-33.

Response of BRAF mutant melanoma to BRAF inhibition is mediated by a network of transcriptional regulators of glycolysis.
Parmenter TJ, Kleinschmidt M, Kinross KM, Bond ST, Li J, Kaadige MR, Rao A, Sheppard KE, Hugo W, Pupo GM, Pearson RB, McGee SL, Long GV, Scolyer RA, Rizos H, Lo RS, Cullinane C, Ayer DE, Ribas A, Johnstone RW, Hicks RJ, McArthur GA.
Cancer Discov. 2014 Jan 27.

Coordination of nutrient availability and utilization by MAX- and MLX-centered transcription networks.
O'Shea JM, Ayer DE.
Cold Spring Harb Perspect Med. 2013 Sep 1;3(9):a014258.

MondoA senses adenine nucleotides: transcriptional induction of thioredoxin-interacting protein.
Han KS, Ayer DE.
Biochem J. 2013 Jul 15;453(2):209-18.

MondoA senses non-glucose sugars: regulation of thioredoxin interacting protein (TXNIP) and the hexose transport curb.
Stoltzman, C.A., Kaadige, M.R., Peterson, C.W. and Ayer DE (2011)
J Biol Chem. 286:38027-38034.

Transcriptional and Translational Downregulation of Thioredoxin Interacting Protein Is Required for Metabolic Reprogramming during G(1). Elgort MG, O'Shea JM, Jiang Y, Ayer DE.
Genes Cancer. 2010 Sep;1(9):893-907.

Coordination of glucose and glutamine utilization by an expanded Myc network.
Kaadige MR, Elgort MG, Ayer DE (2010).
Transcription. Jul-Aug;1(1):36-40.

Myc, mondo, and metabolism.
Sloan EJ, Ayer DE (2010).
Genes Cancer. Jun;1(6):587-96.

Glucose controls nuclear accumulation, promoter binding, and transcriptional activity of the MondoA-Mlx heterodimer.
Peterson CW, Stoltzman CA, Sighinolfi MP, Han KS, Ayer DE (2010).
Mol Cell Biol, Jun;30(12):2887-95.

Glutamine-dependent anapleurosis dictates glucose uptake and cell growth by regulating MondoA transcriptional activity.
Kaadige MR, Looper RE, Kamalanaadhan S, Ayer DE (2009).
Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, Sep 1;106(35):14878-83.

Glucose sensing by MondoA:Mlx complexes: a role for hexokinases and direct regulation of thioredoxin-interacting protein expression.
Stoltzman CA, Peterson CW, Breen KT, Muoio DM, Billin AN, Ayer DE (2008)
Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, May 13;105(19):6912-7.

A C. elegans Myc-like network cooperates with semaphorin and Wnt signaling pathways to control cell migration.
Pickett CL, Breen KT, Ayer DE (2007).
Dev Biol, Oct 15;310(2):226-39.

Identification and characterization of three new components of the mSin3A corepressor complex.
Fleischer TC, Yun UJ, Ayer DE (2003).
Mol Cell Biol, May;23(10):3456-67.

A novel heterodimerization domain, CRM1, and 14-3-3 control subcellular localization of the MondoA-Mlx heterocomplex.
Eilers AL, Sundwall E, Lin M, Sullivan AA, Ayer DE (2002).
Mol Cell Biol. Dec;22(24):8514-26.