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Hospital Video Tour

Huntsman Cancer Institute Photo Tour

Aerial view of Huntsman Cancer Institute

Welcome to Huntsman Cancer Institute

External view of the Beacon on the Research North building

Huntsman Cancer Institute - Beacon of Hope |  Lights change colors for special events and causes

Patient entrance to the hospital at Huntsman Cancer Institute

Hospital: Patient Entrance | Patient entrance to the hospital at Huntsman Cancer Institute. Patients have access to valet parking at the hospital.

Stairs leading to the second floor of the hospital lobby

Hospital: Lobby | Patients enter on the 1st floor of our multi-story lobby.

Retail pharmacy, located on the 1st floor of the hospital

Hospital: Pharmacy | Retail pharmacy is located on the 1st floor.

Infusion check-in and waiting room for patients

Hospital, 2nd Floor: Infusion | Infusion check-in and waiting room for patients.

Patient sits in infusion pod with her husband and daughter

Hospital, 2nd Floor: Infusion | Our infusion space has individual infusion pods for patients and family. There are 35 infusion chairs and six infusion beds. Within the infusion space, there are two crash carts. There is an additional infusion space on the second floor of Research North for our BMT/hematology patients.

Acute care room

Hospital, 2nd Floor: Acute Care | Our acute care rooms are close to our infusion space on the second floor.

Door with plaque reading Investigational Drug Services

Hospital, 2nd Floor: Investigational Pharmacy | Our investigational pharmacy is also located near our infusion space on the second floor. IDS supplies investigational product directly to the infusion nurse.

Plaque next to open doorway that reads Specimen Processing

Hospital: Specimen Processing | Outside of our infusion space is one of our two specimen processing labs.

Lab space with researcher on the phone

Hospital: Specimen Processing | This specimen processing lab is utilized mostly for our phase 1 trials, and/or trials that require quick processing.

Refrigerated centrifuge on a counter

Hospital: Specimen Processing | This is one of our refrigerated centrifuges. We also have ambient centrifuges (not pictured).

Temperature readout on the side of a freezer; temperature is -85 degrees Celsius

Hospital: Specimen Processing | This is our -80 freezer. Our specimen team also has -20 freezers (not pictured).

24-hour temperature monitoring system

Hospital: Specimen Processing | We have a 24-hour temperature monitoring system with an alert system for team notification.

Patients sitting on patient patio

Hospital, 4th Floor: Patient Patio | Patients have access to outdoor patio spaces on our 4th floor.

Patient smiling at nurse while lying in hospital bed

Hospital, 5th Floor: Inpatient Rooms | Our inpatient rooms (pictured here) are located on the 5th floor of our hospital.

Hospital chapel

Hospital, 5th Floor: Chapel | There is a non-denominational chapel area for prayer/meditation on the 5th floor. Entrance (Left), Interior (Right)

The Bistro restaurant located on the 6th floor of the hospital

Hospital, 6th Floor: The Bistro | (The Bistro) One of two restaurants available for patients, staff, and guests, is located on the 6th floor of our hospital.

Cancer Learning Center

Hospital, 6th Floor: Cancer Learning Center | The 6th floor of the hospital also hosts the Cancer Learning Center, which provides free access to cancer-related information and materials.

View from window in hospital showing the Salt Lake Valley

Hospital, 6th Floor: Viewing Area | Our center has multiple viewing areas for overlooking the Salt Lake Valley.

The Point restaurant, located on the 6th floor of Research North

Research North, 6th Floor: The Point | (The Point) Another restaurant available for patients, staff and guests, is located on the 6th floor of Research North.

Starbucks located inside the Point restaurant

Research North, 6th Floor: Starbucks | Within The Point is a Starbucks.

Row of refrigerated centrifuges on lab counter

Hospital: Specimen Processing | Located on the 3rd floor of our Research North building is our 2nd specimen processing lab. The lab has refrigerated centrifuges, ambient centrifuges, storage space for kits, and other equipment.

Freezer in lab

Research North, 3rd Floor: Specimen Processing | Within this lab space are additional -20 and -80 freezers.

Research South Lobby

Research South: Lobby | Monitors will enter through Research South (also known as Primary Children’s and Families’ Cancer Research Center) and will be greeted by a Clinical Trials Office (CTO) staff member. They will take them to the 5th floor, which houses the secure badge access CTO floor.

Office space with chairs

Research South, 5th Floor: Monitor Space | On our CTO floor (5th floor), there is a designated monitoring space. Monitors have access to internet and a copier.

Break room with microwaves, fridge, and seating

Research South: Break Room | The CTO floor houses a ‘break room’ with microwaves, fridges and freezers, coffee makers, filtered water, and a sink. Monitors are free to use this space, as well as CTO staff.

Clinical Trials Office entry plaque and cubical space

Research South: Clinical Trials Office | On the north and south sides of our CTO space are cubical areas for CTO staff with badge access. Within these spaces are cubicle workspaces, as well as cabinets for our paper study files.

Rows of file cabinets

Research South: Clinical Trials Office | (Pictured Here) Our study file cabinets for our paper source documents.

Conference room with long table lined with chairs

Research South: Conference Room | On the 5th floor, there are conference rooms available for meetings. There are various sizes to accommodate different groups of visitors.

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