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The PRR houses a centralized resource for animal models, and our staff has expertise in experimental design and technical skills. We ensure all studies are designed with reproducibility and in compliance with local and federal regulatory agencies. Our typical investigational drug study includes these stages:

  • Tolerability studies for new compounds to determine the appropriate drug concentration for mouse treatment
  • Tumor transplantation in an orthotopic or subcutaneous site
    • Transplantation sites include mammary fat pad and intratibial. Ask about additional orthotopic sites.
    • Includes Matrigel or hormone pellets, when appropriate
  • Tumor growth measurements and dosing of compound and vehicle control
    • Dosing routes: oral gavage, subcutaneous, intraperitoneal, intravenous, intratumoral, and viafood or drinking water
    • Tumor (by caliper or bioluminescence) and body weight measurements twice weekly
  • Necropsy to harvest tumor tissue and metastatic organs for histology and RNA/DNA analysis
    • Collected based on experimental design
    • Includes flash-freezing and paraffin-embedded tissue.

We have PDX tumor models, cell lines, and transgenic mice. We can help in consultation and execution of all aspects of your in vivo experiments, providing you with necropsy tissue, survival curves, and growth data-- everything you need to generate a figure for publication in a paper or grant.

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