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In addition to education, and the multitude of avenues and services that University of Utah Health provides, our faculty and staff conduct, collaborate, and initiate research. We advance knowledge through innovative, basic, and clinical research and translate our discoveries into applications that help people.

The University of Utah is ranked among the top 30 public research universities in the nation with particular distinctions in medicine and genetics. As a result of our benchmarking research, the university received over $309 million in research and student aid funding from external sources and ranks 15th in the nation for significant awards to faculty for research efforts.

Research in the health sciences spans many fields of study. From genetics, to molecular biology – from biomedical engineering to drug and pharmaceutical research; University of Utah researchers are on the leading edge of the development and enhancement of knowledge in the medical and health sciences.

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Momentum on Diabetes Prevention
Education, Health Care Transformation, Clinical, Research
May 24, 2018

Momentum on Diabetes Prevention

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The furious expansion of diabetes into a world health epidemic has made prevention imperative. ... Read More

Population Health Sciences,Internal Medicine,Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences
University of Utah Health Announces Fred W. and Christine A. Fairclough Endowed Chair in Neurology
Recognition, Research, Education
May 23, 2018

University of Utah Health Announces Fred W. and Christine A. Fairclough Endowed Chair in Neurology

Clinical Neurosciences Center, ,

University of Utah Health announced a gift of $1.25 million to create the Fred W. and Christine A. Fairclough Endowed Chair in the Department of Neurology. Kevin C. (KC) Brennan, MD, has been named as the first recipient. Dr. Brennan is a clinician scientist who specializes in the treatment of headache disorders, in particular migraine and post-traumatic headaches.... Read More


Driving Discovery

Culturally Appropriate Treatments Better for Lower Back Pain

Chronic lower back pain continues to be a major health concern in the United States. The Hispanic community is particularly troubled by this affliction. While translating health care materials into Spanish is a first ...

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Implementing the New Blood Pressure Guidelines: How One Clinic Got Up to Speed

Clinicians at University of Utah Health have completed a study demonstrating how guideline-quality office blood pressure measurements and home blood pressure monitoring - often viewed as cumbersome and time-consuming ...

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Decoding Dry Mouth to Help Millions Regain the Ability to Swallow

A healthy person produces three to six cups of saliva a day. Those with Sjögren’s syndrome, an autoimmune disease, produce far less. Researchers at the University of Utah Health identified an important mole...

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Autistic Youth Speak Out on Adulthood

The teen years can be fraught with emotion, but this difficult period is also a time of exploration and independence as adolescents begin to plan for the future. This transition is particularly demanding for autistic ...

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