What is the Immunology, Inflammation, & Infectious Diseases (III) Initiative?

The Immunology, Inflammation, and Infectious Disease (III) Initiative at University of Utah Health was formally established in 2017 on the premise that a better understanding of the three "I"s will fundamentally change the way we think about disease.

With a mission of making an impact on healthcare, III was created to improve diagnosis and treatment for the diverse array of human disorders that involve infection, aberrant immune responses, or other triggers of inflammation.

It is built on a strong foundation of almost 150 faculty who do research in related fields at four colleges or schools and 27 departments across campus. A major goal is to integrate basic, translational, and clinical research in these areas by strengthening the III community and fostering collaborations.

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Sigala Awarded Department of Defense Discovery Award
Mar 20, 2018

Sigala Awarded Department of Defense Discovery Award

Paul Sigala, Ph.D., Assistant Professor – Biochemistry, has been selected as a recipient of a Department of Defense Discovery Award under the Peer Reviewed Medical Research Program for his grant application entitled “Evaluation of Carotenoid Biosynthesis as an Antimalarial Drug Target.”... Read More

Mar 09, 2018

Intruder Alert: Cell Surveillance System Distinguishes Virus from Self

It is important to know when to sound the alarm and when to avoid calling the police on your housemate rather than an intruder. Our cells face a similar task—is the invader a virus or just something that looks like a virus? To make matters worse, ancient viruses have left little pieces of themselves all over our genomes. Some of these ancient relics form a molecule called double-stranded RNA (dsRNA) that looks just like dsRNA made by a virus.... Read More


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Ryan O'Connell, PhD
Director, III Initiative
Associate Professor, Pathology
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Nicole Frank, PhD, MSTP
Associate Director, III Initiative
Vice President of Health Sciences Research Unit

Phone: 801-213-0644
Email: nicole.frank@hsc.utah.edu

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