Case Studies

We offer a number of case studies to support health care professionals in treating patients with substance abuse.

We offer twenty case studies that provide written instructions on how to conduct:

  • brief screenings,
  • interventions,
  • and referrals

in pediatric, physical medicine, and preventive medicine settings.

Pediatric Case Studies 

Our pediatric case studies guide practitioners in treating teenagers with substance abuse.

Read our pediatric case studies.

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Case Studies

Many times addiction can be caused by physical illnesses that cause high amounts of pain. We provide seven case studies about patients with different types of addiction and physical illnesses.

Read our physical medicine and rehabilitation case studies.

Family & Preventive Medicine Case Studies

Addiction can affect patients across the lifespan. We offer 12 case studies looking at many topics from addiction during pregnancy to high-risk elderly patients.

Read our family and preventive medicine case studies.

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