Project FLOSS

Facilitating a Lifetime of Oral Health Sustainability For Substance Use Disorder Patients & Families (FLOSS)

Training Programs for Oral Health Providers

This project aims to develop training programs for oral health providers practicing in advance roles. The program accomplishes this by increasing the core competencies and dental skills needed to work with substance use disorder (SUD) patients by training dental faculty and students.

In addition, case managers and certified peer support specialists are trained in the importance of preventing and treating oral health issues in substance use disorder patients. Project FLOSS facilitates long-term oral health practices for substance use disorder patients and their families. We transport qualified substance use disorder patients and their dependents from their inpatient treatment centers to the dental clinic at the University of Utah. 

This project integrates SUD treatment and primary health care and:

  • creates a secondary workforce that can educate high risk populations about oral health,
  • optimizes retention of clients in SUD programs,
  • increases self-confidence,
  • reduces pain,
  • improves marketability for employment


For more information about FLOSS, please contact Bryan Trump: 

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