Genetic Testing For Cancer

If you have a family history of cancer, you may have considered genetic testing to see if you actually have the mutation that causes the disease. It’s a very useful tool, but there are many other considerations such as who should be tested, interpreting the results and what happens next.

In this interview, Dr. Saundra Buys from Huntsman Cancer Institute answers many questions you might have about genetic testing for cancer, including why you should consult with a genetic counselor first, the types of cancers that testing can effectively uncover and how that information can help you.

She also talks about a recent survey conduced by Harris Interactive for University of Utah’s Huntsman Cancer Institute that found 34% people surveyed would not seek genetic testing even if they had a family history of cancer. She’ll cover what the concerns are and other takeaways from the study.

Listen to The Scope Radio interview.

Genetic Testing For Cancer: Your Questions Answered